facilitating | organizational change

We understand change is hard -- especially when there is a crisis at hand. It is even harder when there isn't. At periscope advisory, we believe change initiatives are increasingly important options for our clients to consider in order to stay competitive.

All change initiatives, regardless of size, scope and impact, deserve a sensitive and deft approach. We design our change initiatives to take into account the perspective and needs of stakeholders and structure our engagements to provide stakeholder consultation -- with direction and purpose. Listening to stakeholders is necessary but not sufficient. For change to truly take hold, we build in recommendations on changes that need to be incorporated into the day to day work and behavior of those whose efforts impact the success of the team and organization.


  • +change management
  • +organizational reviews
  • +organizational design
  • +workshop and retreat facilitation
  • +diagnostics and analysis
  • +process analysis and design